Fredric March in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1932)





Fredric March won his first Oscar for playing Dr Henry Jekyll in the pre-code horror classic, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a good old-fashioned horror film that may be a bit dated, but is still watchable as a whole. First of all, I must admit that I really dislike watching movies from the early thirties. I mean, it’s fascinating to see how things were done back then but I rarely enjoy watching the movies from this era. I always get the feeling that the film makers were still figuring their way around, and it shows. The camera angles are very “stagey”, and there’s always this annoying lack of atmosphere that can make the most exciting story seem dry and lifeless. Each scene will play out individually, but they always feel disjointed or abrupt, and the actors…talk about laughable. Thankfully, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde…

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